The DuoClean® class has gotten even bigger.

Deep-clean carpets with DuoClean® Technology.

Our bristle brushroll and powerful suction are relentless against dirt and stuck-in debris.

Directly engage floors.

With DuoClean®, the soft brushroll removes stuck-on dust for a polished look.

DuoClean® pulls in high piles and large debris.

On carpets and floors, piles of
small particles are no match.

On carpets and floors, piles of SMALL PARTICLES are no match for DuoClean® vacuums

No front wall means no snowplowing when
confronted with large particles.

Vacuum LARGE PARTICLES with DuoClean® vacuums

DuoClean® defined.

Bristle brushroll
Bristles agitate and lift embedded debris from carpets, while aiding pickup on hard floors without scratching or damaging the floor.
Soft brushroll
The soft brushroll compresses to pull in large particles and piles, while engaging directly with hard floors for a polished look.
LED lights illuminate the work area, making it easy to spot stuck-on dust and hidden debris.
The soft roll sealing system allows enough suction to clean effectively without hindering the push/pull of the vacuum.
Debriding rib
Teeth redirect, intercept, or comb out hair to prevent it from wrapping around the soft brushroll.

Reviews pertain to the Shark® DuoClean® Powered Lift-Away Speed (NV800W).

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See it in action.

Available in upright and ultra-light.